How does Ligo work?

How does Ligo help me find people?

We’ve developed a unique audio tagging technology and search algorithm that will help you find the industry networks you need – or didn’t know you were looking for.

What is Audio Match?

This feature is only available to Ligo users who have uploaded audio to their profile. This technology analyzes your music to generate tags, which are then matched with artists with similar tracks. You can choose to connect with your matches right away by sending them a message request, or save them for later.

What is Reverse Audio Search?

Reverse Audio Search is available to all Ligo users. You can upload any audio file (no rights required) and we’ll match it against users who have uploaded similar songs. It’s basically a Google reverse image search but for music.

What is Audio Filter Search?

Filter Search is available to all Ligo users. You can apply filters to search for users based on their profile and audio qualities.

How do I know if someone’s profile is legitimate?

We do our best to ensure that every Ligo user is a legitimate human. With all things on the internet, scammers can unfortunately make their way in, so use common sense and verify profile details when possible.

Pricing and Features

Is it really free?

Yep! We are launching the first version of the app and will be gathering your valuable feedback for how to make it better. We have plenty more features on our roadmap, and as they are added they may come with an additional cost.

Will Ligo offer more features in the future?

Absolutely! We have a full roadmap of amazing features that we can’t wait to bring to market. If there is something specific you’d like to see in the Ligo app, let us know.[link to a feedback form].  We love talking to our users.

How can I make the most of Ligo?

Keep your profile updated and check back the app often for new users. If you are a musician, keep your uploaded tracks up to date so you can get the best matches.

I still have questions…

I need help!

Check out our Help Centre for help articles and how-to’s. If we can’t answer your question there, feel free to reach out [link] and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

I have some feedback

Love the app? Have a great idea for a new feature? Let us know